Back in the era of what most of us think of pirates, these loot-hungry thieves would grow their personal empire by looting, overtaking, and defending their personal treasures. Your goal is to race around the island of Jamaica and be the first to cross the finish line with the most gold in hand. Do you have what it takes to plunder the ship's of your friends and leave as the wealthiest pirate of them all?


Star Trek: Five Year Mission

Star Trek: Five Year Mission is a cooperative game that uses dice rolling and assignment. You and your crew (you have a choice between the original series crew and the Next Generation crew) embark on your five-year mission to explore uncharted areas of the universe. Do you and your crew have what it takes to go where no man has gone before and return intact?  Can you work together to explore new realms? Or do you create a blemish on the name of Starfleet?

Gaming Thoughts

12 Things I learned about Gaming from Monopoly

No one can really argue that Monopoly spent decades as the go-to concept of board gaming and easily built the foundation on which the gaming industry has survived all of these years. Whether we can put our finger on it or not, there is a reason why so many non-gamers will ask “You mean, like Monopoly?” when a table top gamer mentions their hobby.